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How many senior organic synthesis personnel? Requirement:
1, independently complete the literature review and map analysis, according to the literature to complete the preliminary design of the synthetic route of the compound;
2. Complete the chemical reaction skillfully, and make a more comprehensive analysis of the results. With help, complete the research project with certain difficulty;
3. to solve some of the problems in the experiment;
4. Instruct subordinates to complete project work;
5. Complete the record and report of the experiment clearly and completely.
6. complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
7. active learning, and the synthesis, purification and characterization of drugs and intermediates, and subsequent process optimization.
We are committed to providing not only generous treatment, but also great room for development and the ideal implementation! If you are interested, please send your resume to the mail box first. I will invite you for an interview as soon as possible. Thank you!
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Contact information: 0514-80939151
Address: Yizheng Ma Jizhi into Road No. 168
Contact: Miss Zhou
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