Our company has established a comprehensive product quality assurance system, taking quality as the foundation of our company's development, and adhering to the principle of "quality first, customer first". All company products are provided with detailed COA.



2.In our customized synthetic products, we can provide the following documents and materials:   



Synthetic report   





3.Skilled reactions   

Fluorination, bromination, iodization, chlorination, sulfonation, chlorosulfonation, Nitration, oxidation, etherification, reduction, Acylation, Rearrangement reaction, alkylation, esterification, Elimination reaction, Condensation reaction, amidation, Hofmann rearrangement, phase transfer catalysis, Coupling reaction, cryogenic reaction


4.Our customized synthesis business has the following characteristics:   

Rapid response   

Preferential price  

High quality 

Timely delivery  

Detailed data


5.Confidentiality Commitment   

Regarding the entrusted content, we strictly keep it confidential. If necessary, we can sign a confidentiality contract. We are willing to work closely with domestic and foreign users to develop and produce new chemical products. Regardless of any problems, we are willing to serve you wholeheartedly.